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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Cash In/Out



From the Main Menu, click on Register Actions. Click on Cash In to enter the amount of cash you’re placing into the cash drawer or register. 

Click on Cash Out to tell the POS how much cash you’re removing from the cash drawer or register.



Make sure Cash In is highlighted so you can put money into the cash drawer and the reports will account for it. 

Type in the amount of cash you’ll be putting into the drawer. You can also click on the abacus to get to the Counter. 

Select a reason such as Starting Cash for Drawer or enter your own reason.

You can also open the drawer by clicking on cash drawer. Once you’ve entered your reason, click Save. The drawer will pop out so you can insert the cash.

To Cash Out, simply highlight Cash Out.

Select your reason or enter one of your own. Click Save. 

The reports will reflect that cash was removed from the drawer and the reason.