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Clock In and Out

Learn how an employee clocks in and out.


To Clock In or Clock Out with the CAKE POS, the System Options must first be configured by a Manager or Owner. 

If you are an Employee, consult with your Manager about how they've setup this function. 

If Auto-Clock In has been setup, when you login to the system for the first time during that business day, you will automatically be clocked in for your shift and will see the message reflecting that. 

Note: Even if Auto Clock-In has been setup, you still MUST clock out at the end of your shift and for any breaks as determined by restaurant management.


If manual Clock In has been chosen by your Manager or Owner, you will need to login to any POS terminal and go to Main Menu>Clock In/Out. 

Simply Click Clock In to begin your shift. 





You'll see the confirmation message appear that you have clocked in. Click Close to then either logout of the POS or move onto your next task. 


When you are ready to Clock Out for a break, meal or end of the day, simply follow the same process. Login> Main Main> Clock In/Out. You'll notice the button now says Clock Out. Click it and then select either Break, Meal or End Shift. When you do this, the POS will automatically sign you out. 

Note: Breaks and Meals have been configured by a Manager or Owner in the System Options. Please consult your management to determine if breaks/meals are paid or unpaid and for their time limits (i.e. 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.)

If you were taking a meal or a break, when you sign back in, you will see a message appear asking if you want to clock back in from your meal or break.



A message will appear showing your clock in time and if the break was paid, it will tell you how much of that time was paid.





You will repeat this process when you Clock Out for the end of your shift. Just hit End Shift to end your day and your closing receipt will print.

You can also see the clock in/out history for that period at any time by clicking on Main Menu>Clock In/Out and reprint your "timesheet" for any day.



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