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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Close Cash

Learn about how to close cash on your POS.


From the Main Menu, Click on Close Cash. From here, you can highlight the sequence you need to close. Current Sequence is the open sequence.

You can either just print a receipt to get the information to review or you can print the receipt for any other day you’ve closed.

Click on Close Cash after all counting down/out has been done and you’re ready to end your day. You will be asked to confirm you want to Close Cash. Click Close Cash.


One of three things will happen. The 1st image at right asks you to count and verify the money in the register. Then Continue.

The next image does the same, but also tells you how much cash you should have.

The far right image just says you’ve closed cash.


These settings can be changed in Main Menu, Settings, System Options, Close Cash as seen at right.

Toggle them on/off as needed. You can even enter email address/es and have your close cash receipt sent via email.

Why Close Cash?

Close Cash is a critical function that is designed to be processed everyday. Close Cash ensures that you get paid for your Credit Card sales as soon as possible and is also an important custodial function for the wellness of the POS software. Below we will discuss exactly what Close Cash does and why it is so important to be performed regularly.

When you Close Cash, 4 things happen:

1. Your cash drawer is zeroed out and is ready for the next day.

2. A Close Cash Receipt (sometimes called a ‘Z’ report) is printed.

3. The Close Cash Report is also emailed to you for your convenience and records.

4. Your Credit Card transactions are processed (batched).

As mentioned in point #4, credit card transactions are processed when you Close Cash. If you meet the Accelerated Funding deadline, you will see that money in your account the next day. Not closing cash regularly can become a cash-flow issue since you will miss out on regular deposits of your Credit Card transactions.

When you navigate to Main Menu > Close Cash, you can see a summary of all of the Close Cash reports you have performed in the past. This is an excellent resource to see, quickly and at a glance, any given day’s sales.

If you wait to Close Cash, these reports will be inconsistent and difficult to sort through. These reports are also critical when you want to reconcile your accounts. The ability to have a day’s sales numbers easily accessed and compartmentalized in a single place is a fantastic way to ensure you have as much information as possible. This can certainly help if any inconsistencies arise, or during Tax season if any discrepancies require explanation.

Closing Cash also helps maintain the health of the POS system. The software is designed to hold a day’s worth of transactions in the active queue. We have seen some degradation of performance if multiple days of transactions are being held. In a system where you hold such critical information, it is of utmost importance to do everything you can to ensure stability in the system.