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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Creating Rewards

Learn how to create POS Rewards.



Rewards are the way your customers can be awarded virtual stamps (instead of punch cards) for items they purchase.

You can setup and customize your rewards at any time by Clicking Main Menu > Settings > Rewards.

Once here, you can edit any reward you’ve already setup or Add New Reward.

Click New Reward to get started. Enter the required number of stamps needed to receive that reward (5 or 10 is most common).


Give your reward a name such as Free Coffee, Dessert, etc. Give it a brief description and then type in any conditions such as “only standard sandwiches” or “no espresso drinks.” Make this reward Active. Click Save.

You will see a red number appear above the Publish Icon at right. When done, Click Publish to push the changes to all POS terminals.


To edit a reward, simply Click on it on the left toolbar, make your changes and Click Save. Approve changes as needed.

NOTE: You can only have 1 reward Active at anytime. If you receive an Error Message, it is because you are making a reward active and you already have an active reward.

Click on the other reward, make inactive, Save and then return to the new reward, make active and Save. Publish as needed.