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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Discounts at Payment



On the Payment screen, you can click on Discount to apply a discount to the entire order.


From here, you can apply a percentage discount or a dollar amount discount. Click on either the % or the $ symbol and enter the amount desired in the Amount field. Click Apply. 

On the Payment screen, you will see the Total Due now reflects the discount.


On the Payment screen, you can also perform a comp. Comps may be only at the manager/owner level depending on permissions. Click Comp. Select a reason for the Comp and then Click Submit

The order has been comped and will be reflected accordingly in the Reports.


You can also delete an order from the Payment screen. Click on Delete and you’ll be asked if you want to delete the order. Employees may not have access to this feature depending on permissions. An owner or manager can change permissions by going to Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Permissions

Once an order has been sent to the kitchen (fired), the Delete button will change to a Void button and the same message will appear on the screen.

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