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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Editing an Item

Learn how to Edit an Item on an existing order.


To edit an item within the order, simply Click the Item you'd like to edit.



From here, you can adjust the quantity of the item up or down by Clicking the - or + symbols. You can toggle the tax on or off, change the item name, edit the price or price plus tax. 

You can also click the white box under Modifiers to adjust any modifiers.

Click under Discounts to apply a Discount to the Item specifically.

Delete the item by Clicking Delete.

Note: This does NOT apply the discount to the entire order. It only applies it to the item.


Click Save and your changes will be saved back on the order screen.

You can make some quick edits to items on your order by using our quick gesture functionality.

To do this, on the order screen, Swipe to the left on the individual item to Delete the item.

Swipe to the right to adjust the quantity of the item up or down by clicking the + or - as needed.