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Gift Cards Report

Learn about the Gift Card Report.




Click the Date Range on the toolbar at right. Select the date range you'd like to view by clicking on the From and To fields (a calendar icon appears to assist).







Gift Cards Report displays a summary of all Gift Card transactions for your restaurant on a given period. More detailed information can be viewed by expanding one of the sections on the first table:


Click on a card number on any of those expanded reports to see the full transaction history for that card and on the receipt number to see the receipt for that transaction.




Add Value - displays all Gift Card sales. Every time an amount is added to a card, it is tracked here. It is shown as “Activation” if it’s the first time value is added to a new card, and it is shown as “Reload” when value is added to an already active card.


Redemption - displays all Gift Card redemptions at your restaurant. Every time a Gift Card is used to pay for an order or to add value to another Gift Card, that transaction is added to the Redemption report.


Cash Redemption - displays a list of all Gift Cards that were redeemed for cash at your restaurant. Cash redemptions happen when a customer asks to get cash back for the total balance available on the card. Manager/owner approval might be required to redeem a Gift Card for cash, and that’s displayed on the ‘Approved By’ column of this report.


Outstanding $ - Gift Card Outstanding Report shows the total outstanding balance for all Gift Cards that have been topped up at your restaurant, for ALL TIME. On the expanded report you can also see current outstanding balance per card. Note that outstanding balance equals total value added to a card, minus total amount redeemed from that card, minus total amount redeemed for cash from that card.

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