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Multi-Restaurant Summary

Learn about the Mulit-Restaurant Summary Report.



The Multi-Restaurant Summary report displays a summary of all of your restaurant's vital operational information for a given time period.

More detailed information can be viewed by selecting one of the reports assigned to a particular location. 


Note: You'll need to login with your CAKE Secure Login account email and password. To learn more about this process and create your account, click here. If you are unable to view reports and you were able to view them in the past, this is likely because you have NOT created your CAKE Secure Login account. 



Click the Date Range on the toolbar at right. Select the date range you'd like to view by clicking on the From and To fields (a calendar icon appears to assist).

Your report will now reflect the custom date range you specified. 

Click on any reports at the left and your date range will remain. You do NOT have to change the date range for each report after you’ve done it once. 


Note: Custom reports can only be pulled within 90 days of the current date. Attempting to pull custom reports from further back than that, will issue an error.


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