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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Order Queue



If you have chosen to use the Order Queue to manage your orders, you can easily get to it by selecting Main Menu> Orders

From here, you can click on the green go back to tables button in the top left of the screen. You can also open the cash drawer (if applicable) by clicking on the blue cash drawer icon. You can also click on New Order and you will be taken to the order screen to begin taking the order. 

Note: You may not have access to the cash drawer depending on permissions setup by a manager or owner.



By clicking on the gray filter icon, you can filter the orders in the queue to a view of your liking. Just select All Servers if you want to see all orders currently in the queue. Click on the box under Display Orders Belonging To and select a specific server to view their orders only (most common for servers). 

Select the columns that you want displayed if not all columns are desired. Click Apply. The Order Queue will change based on your selections and will remain that view upon every login by that employee unless changed again by clicking on the Filters icon.

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