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Order Type Selection




You can easily change order types from within an existing order. 

Click on New Order to get to the order type selection initially. Select Delivery, Dine In or Take Out. 

A dialog box will appear allowing you to enter in the fields of information you choose. (All are optional)

You’ll be taken to the order screen.


If you need to change the order type, click on the pencil icon at the top of the guest check. You’ll see the initial dialog box again.

Click on the switch type icon on the top right and select the new type. Enter in the necessary information for that type. Click Save.

You’ll be taken back to the order and you can see the type has been changed by looking at the top left of the guest check.

Note: Take Out (to-go) orders will appear in your Order Queue and are "assigned" to the user/server that created them. They do not have table assignments so will not appear on the floor plan if you're using Tables as your main view. 


You can change order type related settings by clicking on Main Menu > Settings > System Options > Order Entry and making the changes. Click Save Changes.

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