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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Receipts and Refunds



On Main Menu, click on Receipts & Refunds.

You can find a receipt, void & reopen, resend the order to the kitchen and/or perform a partial or full refund.

To find a receipt, you can either click on it directly if you see it or you can search. When you search, type the receipt number, last 4 digits of the CC or customer name  into the search bar. The relevant receipt will appear. 

Once selected you can press the red refund or blue resend buttons above the receipt or simply re-print the receipt from the grey button below.


To resend the order, once you’ve found the receipt click on the blue resend button above the receipt.

The Send options will then appear. Select Send. 

To void the payment and reopen the ticket, click on Void and Reopen. You’ll get a warning message that this will delete the payment info and reopen the check. Click Yes. The order will be reopened in the Order Queue and the payment info will be deleted.



To perform a refund, tap the red Refund button. You will be prompted to issue either a partial or full refund. Select your option.

If partial, you will need to enter the amount and select refund. Then, you’ll see the Refund Successful screen at bottom right. If full, your refund will process and you’ll see the same screen.

Note: Refunds are tracked and viewable in Main Menu>Reports.


Once you have performed a refund, you can no longer edit that receipt or add a tip to said receipt.

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