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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Restaurant Admin Overview

Overview of the CAKE Restaurant Admin.




To access your Restaurant Admin portal, enter your CAKE Secure Login email address and password. Then, Click Login.

If you have not yet setup your CAKE Secure Login, click here for information. 


You'll be taken to the Restaurant Admin or Merchant Portal Homepage.

We'll walk you through what each icon is used for to get you pointed in the right direction. 



The Help Center will direct you to the POS section of CAKE University.

If you're just getting started you can view helpful resources about Installation and Configuration for your POS here.


The Menu Admin icon will load your menu exactly as you see it on the POS menu admin.

You can add and make edits to existing menu items and publish all your changes directly to your POS from your home or office computer.


The Reports Icon will load your reports exactly as you see them on your POS.

This is a benefit if you need to check in on the go or access this data from your office computer.


The POS Terms and Conditions tab will load the latest version of the CAKE Terms and Conditions.


The Lease Terms and Conditions icon will load the latest version of the Lease Terms and Conditions.


The PayPal Onboarding icon will allow you to setup and connect to Paypal to accept PayPal Order Ahead directly on your CAKE POS.


The Billing And Payment tab will show you any unpaid Invoices on your account as well as your recent paid invoices.


Visit CAKE Market to Bring it all together with integrations to supercharge your business.

Information on CAKE Guest Manager and CAKE OrderPad can be found here as well.


User Management allows you to Edit existing employee profiles or Add new Employees here in the Restaurant Admin.