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Merchant Portal User Management

Learn about the User Management from the Merchant Portal (the cloud).

CAKE POS can included its POS User Management in the Merchant Portal (cloud) enabling our customers to access their users and make changes remotely. 

Here are some of the highlights of this update:

  • Similar to POS User Management, but in a new web-optimized experience
  • Last login date for POS and CAKE Secure Login shown
  • You can now re-send the Cake Secure Login creation emails for unconfirmed Manager and Owner Users (those which have not clicked through the flow to create their accounts)

We'll walk you through some of the features below. 

To Add a new user, simply Click Add User. 










Select their role (Employee, Manager, User). Select Non-Exempt or Exempt (hourly vs/ salary) and the Pay Period. Enter their First Name and Last Name and their pay rate. When finished, Click Next. 

NOTE: This User Management portal supports hourly pay rates for new employees. Support for non-hourly pay rates in POS is not included in the Merchant Portal version of User Management, but you can still create new non-hourly pay rates from within the POS itself. 


To Edit an Existing User, Click the User's name on the user's name. You will see a dialog box appear where you can edit their information. Depending on your access level, you may not be able to edit Owner roles. 

Remember, Click Save to save any changes you make. 









NOTE: Initial POS passwords are limited to a 4-digit numeric PIN, but when the user first logs in to POS, they can set it to whatever they want in their profile just like they would normally.






Once you've created a user successfully, you'll see the image at right. 


CAKE Secure Login

There is an additional step for Managers and Owners. Each Manager and Owner user needs to setup their CAKE Secure Login. This is imperative and if not done, the Manager or Owner user will not be able to view CAKE reports. 










When you create a regular (non-manager/owner user), this is the confirmation screen you will see. Click Done. 








When you create a CSL (Cake Secure Login) Manager or Owner user, you will see this confirmation. Click Done.

Quick PIN Restaurants

If your location currently uses our Quick Pin sign in functionality, in the "Add User" flow, you will have an additional line in the confirmation showing you the temporary PIN. When you need to Edit a User, you'll see the Reset PIN button and it will be active.

Swipe Cards Users

You can see the swipe card's last 4 digits for all users.







Editing is not possible from the cloud and a tooltip will be shown when you hover over the "Edit Card" button. Swipe cards can still be edited from POS as usual.


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