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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Rewards (Applying to Order)



To apply a Reward to an order, from the order screen, Click on the Pencil icon on the guest check (see below).

Enter in the customer’s phone number. Click Rewards. If the customer has stamps already, they will appear in green. Apply the stamp the customer has earned. Click Save when done.


If the customer has earned a reward, just click the reward icon and then select the reward. 

On the next screen, you’ll have a list of the items the customer has on their order. Click on the item you’d like to apply the reward too and Click Save.


Back on the order screen, the Reward redemption is under the item on the guest check. 

When on the payment screen, there will be nopayment due for the item redeemed. The balance will only reflect the non-reward items. 

Note: You can make changes to your reward settingsat any time by selecting Main Menu>Settings>Rewards.

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