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Sending (Firing)

Learn how to send (fire) an order to the kitchen.


Your Send Button Behavior will depend on the Send Button Behavior you've set in your System Options.

To go there to adjust your settings, Click Main Menu > Settings > System Options > Sending.

From the order screen, Click the blue Send button.

The Send screen will appear. Items that have not been sent already will default to a checkmark in the Send column and will send with you Click Send.

From here, you can check the printer the item is assigned to and you can Click on the Up/Down Arrows to move the items into a different order.

Once you’re ready, Click Send.

You’ll be returned to the order screen and sent items will appear in Green.

Unsent will remain in white. If you leave the order before sending, a dialog box will appear asking if you’d like to send. Select Yes or No.

You can then leave the order. This warning message can be removed in Main Menu > Settings > System Options > Sending.


You can also Click Course Break.

At the bottom of your item list, a Course Break will appear.

You can use the arrows to move it (as seen at right) between the items you want.

The course break will then appear on the receipt telling the kitchen to fire the items before the course break first and not to fire the items beneath it right away.


To Hold and item, put a check into the Hold column next to the item/s you wish to hold.

HOLD will appear on the receipt.

When ready, Click Send to send (fire) the order to the kitchen.

Note: You should discuss your desired procedures for the use of hold and course breaks with your servers and kitchen staff. Perhaps you'd prefer your servers to monitor the table and only send items as needed or maybe you'd like them to use course breaks to separate appetizers, entrees and desserts. 


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