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Split Order by Item

This article covers how to split an order by item.



To Split the order by item, first input the order as usual. When it’s time to check-out, Click Split in the top left (above the check itself).


You’ll see 2 checks appear (left has table # and the right will have the table #-1.) 


Click on the item you want to split off and the right facing arrow.

The item will appear on the -1 check. Repeat for all items and click Split Order.

To split the check again (and again if needed), simply return to the main order screen and Click Split again. You’ll see a new check (21-1).

Move your items and Click Split Order. Repeat for as many checks as you need.


When you return to the main order screen, you’ll see a numbered icon in green above the pitchfork (or split check) icon.

Click on that to move from check to check. Click on 21-2 (in our example at right) to view that order and/or print the receipt or take payment.


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