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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Stock Counts

Learn how to use stock counts.


On the Order Screen, Click the Notepad icon next to the Calculator. (top right)

Click the item you wish to enter the stock count for and Click Stock Count.



Enter the number in the box to the right of the Item Name and Click Save

You will now see the stock count in the top right hand corner in a red circle on the item. 

Click Done Editing to push the changes to all POS terminals.


To 86 an item (say that you are out of the item), follow the same steps as above.

Instead of entering in the number of the item, Click the orange 86! icon

When you're returned to the order screen, you'll notice the item now says 0 and Click Done Editing.

The Item is no longer available to order.


To make an item available again, follow the same steps as above and click on the red 86 icon with the line through it. 

The item will be made available again once you click Done Editing

You should enter the number available before Clicking the red 86 if you wish to update the stock count as well. 

If you just click the red 86, the item is available again, but you haven't updated the count. 

To do that at any time, just follow the steps to enter stock count as outlined in Step 1



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