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Summary Report

Learn about the Summary Report.


The Summary report displays a summary of your restaurant's vital operational information for a given time period. 

Click the Date Range on the toolbar at right. Select the date range you'd like to view by clicking on the From and To fields (a calendar icon appears to assist).






Your report will now reflect the custom date range you specified. 

More detailed information can be viewed by selecting one of the reports described below:

  • Sales Summary - Shows total item sales, taxes, and tips.
  • Order Type Sales - Shows the breakdown of sales by order type.
  • Register Sales - Shows the breakdown of sales by register.
  • Zone Sales - Shows the breakdown of sales by zone.
  • Payments - Shows the breakdown of sales by type of payment (e.g. Cash, Credit Card, etc...)
  • Voids - Displays details of items/orders that were deleted AFTER they were sent to the kitchen and the orders that were reopened.
  • Rewards - Brief summary of the number of reward stamps given and rewards redeemed.
  • Online Sales - Brief summary showing the number of online orders received and revenue generated.
  • Employees - Summary view of all employees, their hours worked, and the cash needed to reconcile tips with other payments.
  • Gift Card Sales - shows total Gift Card sales (every time value is added to a card, both activations and reloads), discounts, refunds, and tips.


Note: Custom reports can only be pulled within 90 days of the current date. Attempting to pull custom reports from further back than that, will issue an error.


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