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Transferring a Table

Learn how to transfer a table between servers while in an order.



If you have a table assigned to a server and that server needs to transfer it to another server (i.e. they need to go on a meal break), this can be done simply from within the order.

Click on the order either from the Order Queue or on the Tables view based on your settings. Click the Pencil Icon on the guest check.


Click the Server’s Name on the dialogue box.

Note: Depending on your settings, a Manager or Owner may be required to enter their password and approve the transfer (see video above).

Select one of the other Users/Servers to assign the table to and Click Apply.


When you’re returned to the previous screen, Click Save.

That table is now assigned to the new server and they will see it under their active orders.

To assign back to the original server for any reason, follow the same steps.

Note: When the guest pays and the check is closed, whichever server has been assigned the order/table will be reflected on any reports.


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