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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Understanding Reports

This document walks you through some of the reports on the CAKE POS System. Reports can be accessed on the POS itself and also on the Merchant Portal. They can be exported and printed as needed. Main Menu>Reports on the POS will get you there and login to and click on CAKE Secure Login (once created) to get there. If you're logging in for the first time, enter the information and click Sign In. Then, create a CAKE Secure Login.


CAKE Reports are now only accessible to Manager and Owner level users that have created their CAKE Secure Login account with their email address and password. For information on how to create this account, click here

When you click on Main Menu>Reports, you'll be asked to login. 

To begin, please note that you can choose to view your reports by Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last 7 Days, This Month, Last 30 Days, Last Month and/or create a Custom Range report with a date range of your choosing (typically your payroll period). Click Apply to have the reports reflect this range.

Each report you click on after you’ve created your date range will automatically reflect that period so you don’t have to worry about changing the date range for each and every report you wish to view at that time. 

Once you create/select your date range for viewing, you can view the reports by selecting the report you’d like to view from the list. 

You can also click on the i on reports to learn more about the data revealed in that specific report. You can also click on the airplane icon to have the report emailed to you or to whomever you so choose. You can email it in PDF and in an Excel spreadsheet. 

You can also simply download a PDF or Excel spreadsheet by clicking on either of the icons as seen below. 

Summary Report: This is the default report view on the POS. The Summary Report displays a summary of your restaurant’s vital operational information for a given time period. More detailed information can be viewed by selecting one of the other reports as described by topic below. 

Cash by Employee Report: This report is related to wait staff that carries their own cash throughout the meal service. It displays Card Tips, Service Charge (previously called Auto-Gratuity), Cash Sales, Gift Card Cash Sales and Gift Card Cash Redemptions, by employee. You can use it at the end of each meal service (shift) to reconcile collected cash with other payments and tips and see how much money your staff has to return to the restaurant (or vice-versa).

Deleted Items Report: This report shows the total number of items deleted by each employee, as well as the value of items deleted. Deleted items are items that are deleted from an order for any reason, even before they were sent to the kitchen. The total amount does not include taxes.

Tip: On any report, if there is an item listed in Orange, you can click on it and it will dive deeper into the report. Click the next Orange icon until you get to the image of the actual receipt.

Gift Cards Report: This is a summary or all Gift Card transactions for your restaurant on a given period. More detailed information can be viewed by expanding one of the sections on the first table.

Add Value: Displays all Gift Card sales. Every time an amount is added to a card, it is tracked here. “Activation” is the term  used to describe a new card being issued while “Reload” is used when money is added to an active card. 

Redemption: Displays all Gift Card redemptions. Every time a Gift Card is used to pay for an order or to add value to another Gift Card, it is added here. 

Cash Redemption: Displays a lift of all Gift Cards that were redeemed for cash. i.e. Customer asks for cash back on their  remaining gift card balance. Manager/Owner approval is required and you can track who approved this by the “Approved By” column. 

Outstanding $: Shows the total outstanding balance for all Gift Cards that have been issued for ALL TIME. To view the current balance per card, view the expanded report. The total outstanding balance = the total value added to the card - the amount redeemed for that card. - the total amount redeemed for cash from that card (when applicable). 

Click on the Card # on ay of these expanded reports to see the full transaction history for that card and on the receipt to see the receipt.

Discounts & Comps Report: This is a report to help track all discounts (in-store and online) used, and how often they were used, differentiated by Discount Type (i.e. $5 o, 5% o). By expanding the Discount Types, you can see the details of the sale to which they were applied. 

Employee Clock In-Out Report: Use this report to track all your employee work hours for a given period of time. All employee Standard and Overtime hours are shown. Standard and Overtime hours are shown. Standard and OT hours are based on the configured Payroll settings in the Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Payroll section of the POS. To view the times they clocked in/out, click on the employee’s name or email the report to yourself using the “Complete Report” option. 

Item Sales Report: This report displays a list of items sold during the given time period, both in-store and online. Voids, deleted items,  discounts, refunds, taxes and tips are NOT considered. This report is divided into Menu Categories. You can expand the Categories and Subcategories to get more detailed information. 

Sales by Category Report: This report displays the list of items sold during a given time period, both in-store and online. Voids, deleted items, discounts, refunds, taxes and tips are NOT considered. This report is divided into Sales Categories. You can expand Categories and Subcategorized to get more detailed information. 

Order History Report: This report helps owners and managers track possible fraudulent activity by tracking negative cash actions at the restaurant. The following actions are tracked by this report:

Orders Refunds
Item/Order Deletes Comps
Voids Cash Out
Negative off Menu Items Gift Card Sales
Price Edits (if the price was reduced for an item in the order) Gift Card Cash Redemptions
Discounts Reopened Orders

Online Orders Reports: Displays all accepted online orders for a given time period and includes the date/time the order was confirmed, the order number and tips. The Final Order Amount includes taxes, but does not include Tips. 

Payments Report: Displays all payment types received for a given time period, both in-store and online. Payments are broken down by payment categories (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Cash, Free, Check, etc.) Expand each category for more detailed information such as date and time, order number, and to access receipts. Fees for online orders or other services are NOT considered in this report. i.e. Credit Card processing fees. 

PayPal Sales Report: This report allows you to view the payments and refunds successfully completed via PayPal. It also displays the transaction amount sent to PayPal- only successful transactions are displayed. 

Rewards Report: The report helps you track all your rewards. It shows all the reward stamps that were issued by each employee, as well as the number of rewards redeemed. You can also see the total number of rewards yet to be redeemed. 

Sales Report: Displays a summary of all items sold during a given time period. Voids- items/orders deleted after being sent to the kitchen are NOT included. The report is divided into Menu Categories. You can expand the Categories and Subcategories to get more detailed information. It includes:

Discounts Total- All Sales + Taxes + Tips
Refunds Total Order Count
Net Sales - all item sales - discounts & refunds Order Type Sales
Taxes Register Sales
Gross Sales - Net Sales + Taxes Zone Sales

Note: You can also see a summary of all Gift Card sales (including discounts, comps, refunds, cash redemptions and tips when paying for a Gift Card Activation or Reload) on this report.

Sales by Employee Report: This report helps you track sales by employee. It displays the total amount of sales of each individual order information, grouped by employee. It also shows the total amount and the number of Gift Card sales by employee. Expand the employee name to view their complete list of sales. This report does NOT include voids, taxes and tips. 

Sales vs. Labor Costs Report: This report displays net sales compared to clocked in, non exempt labor costs for each hour of the day. The summary table at the top shows the non-exempt labor cost as percentage of the total net sales. You can use this report to optimize the amount of staffed employees needed during the course of the day. 

Taxes Report: This report shows all the different Tax Categories, number of taxable items sold, taxable sales amount, service charge amount that is taxable and the amount of taxes paid for each tax category for a given time period. It includes taxes from bought in-store and online orders. It does NOT include voids. 

Time Sheet Audit Trail: This report will show you what edits have been made to which employee’s time sheet and by which owner or manager and when the changes were made.

Tips Report: This report shows all tips grouped by employee. It includes tip adjustments done after a sale and any adjustments done as part of the cash close. Each employee’s tips are broken down by Card Tips received and Service Charge (Auto-Gratuity). Online tips are listed separately in this report. 

Voids Report: Displays all void items, orders and reopened orders. An item is considered void if it was deleted AFTER it was sent to the kitchen, and an order is consider ed void if the whole order was deleted AFTER it was sent to the kitchen. This report also shows which employee initiated the void or reopened the order and which manager approved it. The total amount does NOT include taxes.