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Insights Reports

Learn about our additional Insights reports.

You can navigate to these Insights reports by clicking the Insights section in the left navigation bar.

We'll highlight the 4 reports below and give an explanation into each. 

The Sales Summary report primarily shows trending net sales for the calendar month periods in bar chart form.

The bottom pie charts break down payment types and order types (online vs. offline).

Note: The "Wallet" payment type refers to CAKE Gift Cards. 

This report gives you a visual representation of trending sales and allows you to quickly review daily sales figures for an entire month.

The Top Selling Products report shows you the top 50 selling items by revenue and by units. The default view is a report sorted descending by item revenue, but you can see the report sorted descending by units by clicking the "Top 50 (By Unit)" tab.

The %Tot columns next to both the Units and Revenue columns show the percentage of total units sold and percentage of total revenue generated for a specific item, respectively.

The green and red arrows show the trending direction of each data point versus the last period. For example, if there is a red down arrow next to a revenue figure, that just means revenue is lower in the current period versus the last period.

The Product Influence report primarily enables you to identify items that drive revenue for the restaurant and are frequently included in orders with other items.

You can click on the item names in the chart to bring up a detailed summary of the item's sales for the period and a show how often the item is ordered with other items. 

Up-selling is very important. This report allows you to easily identify items that tend to be ordered with other items so you can suggest easy up sell opportunities to your staff.

The Busy Hours report gives you a quick heat-map representation of your order volume. You can hover over each square to see summary details for each hour period.

You can quickly evaluate when you're busiest across an entire week for staffing purposes. You can also use this report to adjust your operating hours. For example, if you see you're not busy early in the morning, you could open your restaurant later.


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