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Adding Modifiers to the Menu

Learn how to add modifiers to your Menu Items in Menu Admin.



Modifiers allow you to indicate Additions and Exceptions, including those with a surcharge, to the individual items in your menu. 



There are two ways to build modifier groups and assign them to menu items. 

To create one from scratch Click on New Modifier Group



Here you can name your Modifier, for example, the 11th street burger is the item, so we’ll call this modifier 11th street burger exceptions. 

Indicate the items ingredients and or toppings here.

Next, indicate which menu or menus this modifier will show on.

Check the Required box to force your staff to chose a modifier from this list. This can be helpful for cheese types, or entrees that include sides. 

The minimum amount box indicates the minimum amount of modifiers that must be selected. For example, if you have an item that comes with 2 sides, indicating so here will force the user to make 2 side selections. 

The maximum amount box indicates the maximum amount of modifiers that can be selected. For example, if you want to limit the number of modifiers that can be selected, indicating so here will not allow the user to make more than 2 side selections. 

When finished, Click save.




The second way to create a modifier group is to Copy an existing modifier group and edit it as needed.

To do this Click Copy Modifier Group and type the name of the existing modifier group.




We’ll modify the exceptions list we just made, to create our additions list for the same burger. 

Edit the modifier group Name to indicate additions, then edit the selections text box’s as well. Here you can include the additional cost of any premium options like Extra bacon or Extra Cheese. 

Choose your menus, modify the min and max settings if needed, Save Changes and Publish.



To assign the modifier group to items from here, Click Assign to Items.

Use the Item Search bar to quickly find your item, or scroll thru the list to find it.

Place a checkmark next to the menu item to assign the modifier. If your modifier applies to several items, check those as well, you can even check mark entire categories if all the items within it require the modifier. 

When finished Click Save, and Publish Changes to the menu. 

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