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Configuring Sales Tax



Login to the Merchant Portal>Menu Admin>More>Taxes.

To create a new tax, Click New Tax. Name your tax and enter your tax rate before Clicking Save. Your new tax will appear on the left toolbar under Taxes

You will also see Tax Groups. Tax Groups are used when more than one tax is applied to a specific item. i.e. in some states, the requirement for alcohol is that both food and alcohol tax gets applied.


Click New Group to create a new Tax Group. Name your group intuitively and then using the arrows, click over the taxes you want to add to this new group before Clicking Save

Note: You must create the Taxes individually in order for them to be available to add to a group. 

Under Groups, there are Special Tax Treatments. These are hard-coded into the POS since these are common tax decisions. However, you should review them to make the needed changes based on your restaurant. Click on each Special Tax Treatment and identify if you need it turned o or on per your tax requirements. Click Save as you make your changes.


Once you’ve made your Taxes and/or your Tax Groups, you need to assign them to the Items/Categories to which they apply. 

To add a Tax or Tax Group to an entire Category, Click the Categories Tab.  Select the Category from the left and then use the Tax dropdown to select the tax you want to apply. Also edit the ToGo Tax as needed based on your ToGo tax requirements. Click Save. 

Click Items in the toolbar to change the individual Item taxes when some of your items require one tax and others require a different tax.

Note: If most of your items should be taxed with one tax, but a few require a different, we recommend you apply the tax at the Category level and then going into the individual items you need to change to save time. 

Click Save. Then, once all changes have been made, Click Publish.

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