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Copying Menu Items



Menu Items are the food items customers order. i.e. Ham & Cheese Sandwich with French Fries or Potato Chips. 

To add Items to your Menu, go to Menu Admin from either the Merchant Portal or the POS itself (Main Menu> Settings>Menu Admin). You’ll need to be on the Items Tab.

There are 2 ways to create an item. Create it from scratch or copy an existing item to make things easier. 

Once on the Items tab in Menu Admin, Click Copy Item to copy an existing item. A box appears. Type in the name of the existing item you wish to copy and click on it.


It will automatically name this Item as a copy of the existing Item. You MUST change the Item Name to reflect the new one you’re creating. 

The Copy feature is available to make your life easier, but make  sure to change any other relevant information. If the Price on this item is different or the Tax, for example, please remember to change those and review all other settings here to ensure they accurately reflect this Item. 

Modifier Groups will be the from the existing item and some of these may not apply to this new item. Click the X next to the group that needs to be deleted when applicable and Add Mod Group to add a different group for this item as needed. 

Remember: Everything carries over from the existing item. Please review before Clicking Save.


When you’ve made all your menu changes, you’ll want to click either POS Preview at the top right to get a quick glance at what the changes will look like on your POS or Publish.

Note: POS Preview is only available on the Merchant Portal

When you Click Publish, all changes will be pushed to your POS terminals to update your menu with these new Items.

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