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Editing Your Online Menu



Go to Restaurant Admin and Sign In. The first time you sign in, you'll need to create a CAKE Secure Login. If you have already done this, Click Already Have A CAKE Secure Login? Sign In Here: CAKE Secure Login. If you don't, you'll need to create one. You can find information on that here

Once you're logged in, Click Menu Admin. Select More from the top toolbar and select Online Menu.

Editing the Online Menu is the same process as editing the regular POS menu.


Clicking on a Category (at left) will allow you to select the Item/s you want to edit and make needed changes. 

The Sell Online Box must be checked if you want to offer this Item online. If, at some point, you no longer want to sell it online, just uncheck the box. 

Online Name is how the Item will appear to your guests online. Does NOT change how it prints on the prep ticket. 

Online Category should be changed as needed. We recommend not using any Sub-Categories for online ordering to make it easier for your guests to find what they want from the mobile app. 

Online Description will appear to let guests know what comes with/on the item or whatever other information you want them to have about the item.


Here, you can also edit the existing Modifier Groups assigned to the Item. Just check the boxes under Online for those Modifier Groups you’d like to be available. Click Assign Mod Group to add a new group to this online offering. 

Note: Pay attention to the wording of your Modifiers. If the Modifier Group was built more for the kitchen than for the guests, we suggest creating a new group that is specifically applied to your Online Ordering menu. 

Online Availability allows you to offer the Item during different times. Select the Menu/s you want to make this Item available for. Save your Changes. Publish when ready.

Note: Click More>Online Menu Hours. From here you can edit the different times your items are offered by creating menu tabs. i.e. Breakfast, Lunch. Click New Menu to add a new Menu Name and select the days/times that menu is offered. Do this for as many menu tabs as you need. 

Save any changes.

Note: Put a check in the Closed box for any days you will not offer that menu (breakfast, lunch) for online ordering. 

We recommend putting your end offering time at 30 minutes prior to your kitchen closing. 

All Items are visible at all times, but the system will prevent guests from ordering items not available at that time.

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