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Global Modifiers



Global Modifiers allow you to add, sub, remove, add light or extra of certain modifiers on your menu. 

When a guest orders a burger, for example, there are modifiers that may apply to many items on your menu and you don’t necessarily want to build out modifiers and assign them to each item. We call these Global Modifiers. 

Under the modifier selections on each item added to an order will appear Global Modifiers. Simply type the item you’d like into the search field and select it. Then, select Add, Side, Sub, Extra, Light, No. You can also change the quantity by using the + or -and delete the global modifier if it was added in error by using the X to the left. 

When finished with all Modifiers, Click Save.


To setup Global Modifiers, go to Main Menu>Settings>Menu Admin. Click More>Global Modifiers.

To the left you’ll see Global Modifiers we’ve entered for you. These are common items. You can delete these as you see fit, edit as needed and/or add to the list. 

To Edit an existing Global Modifier, click on it and the window will appear at right. Make any needed changes and Click Save.

To Add a new Global Modifier, Click New Global Modifier and enter in your information. When finished, Click Save.

Note: You must Click Save on every Global Modifier you edit in order for the changes to capture.


When all changes to your menu have been made, Click Publish. You will know you have saved changes because a number in a red circle will appear on the Publish Icon. Once published, all POS menus will reflect these changes. 

Once you are satisfied with your Global Modifiers, go to Main Menu>Settings>System Options>Order Entry and toggle on  the Global Modifiers setting. Click Save. Your employees will now have access to the Global Modifiers.

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