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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS




To login, go Restaurant Admin. The first time you sign in, you'll need to create a CAKE Secure Login. If you have already done this, Click Already Have A CAKE Secure Login? Sign In Here: CAKE Secure Login. If you don't, you'll need to create one. You can find information on that here

Once you go through the CAKE Secure Sign-In process, you will only need to enter your login info without PIN each time you sign in to the Merchant Portal.

Click on Menu Admin. 


The Items Tab is for the actual food items your guests will order at your restaurant. You can search for an item with the Search field or by selecting a Category below and going through the list. Reorder the list by dragging & dropping. 

Modifiers are the options they can choose from with those items. 

Categories is the highest level of menu organization in the CAKE POS system. 

You can click on New ___ on any of those 3 tabs and can Copy on Modifiers/Items Tabs. This is covered in more detail in the documents related specifically to these topics.


On the More Tab, you’ll see Global Modifiers, Online MenuOnline Menu Hours, Taxes, Printers, Sales Categories

Global Modifiers are those options can could apply to really any menu Items. 

Online Menu is where you’ll edit your OLO menu if you’ve enabled that function. 

Online Menu Hours tells customers when items are available for online ordering. 

Taxes is where you’ll set your different tax categories. 

Printers is where you’ll name your printers to determine where the Items will print. 

Sales Categories is where you can set items to be in categories for accurate reporting. 

You can click on POS Preview when in the Merchant Portal to get a glance of your changes and Publish will push all changes to POS terminals when you’re complete.