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Pizza Menu Orderflow



 This document illustrates the correct orderflow for a pizza menu. 

There is a Category for Pizzas and then the pizzas are listed by size as Sub-Categories below in white. When you click on one of the sizes, you’ll be taken to the pizza types (Item) available in that size.


Click on one of the Items to reveal how all whole pizza items are built out in our Menu Admin tool. Each item will require a crust selection, a sauce option and a toppings selection. 

Note: The toppings are priced according to the size of the pizza. If you were to select the large size of this same pizza, the layout would be identical, but the prices would be higher.


Half & Half pizzas all start with the price of a plain, cheese pizza of that size. They have the same option for crust at the top. 

There is the 1st half required item and then the modifiers that would apply to the 1st half of the pizza. Then, select the 2nd half requirement. Select the modifiers that apply to the 2nd half of the pizza.

Pricing for 1/2 & 1/2 pizzas is as follows. Each modifier is priced at 1/2 its normal price. If pepperoni is $2 for a whole pizza, on the 1st half modifier it will be $1. If both halves want pepperoni, each half will be charged $1 to equal the $2 total.

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