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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Printer Assignments




Once you have setup your printers, you need to assign them to menu items in order to ensure those items print to the proper printers. To do this, click on Main Menu>Settings>Menu Admin>More>Printers. Here, name your printers intuitively. For example, Kitchen or Bar. Then, from the same Menu Admin screen, click on Items in the top toolbar. You’ll need to click on each item individually to assign a printer and a possible secondary printer as needed.


From that same Menu Admin screen, click on items in the top toolbar. 

Within each item, select the dropdown next to Printer and assign the primary printer based on the name you created. If desired, next to Secondary Printer, select the dropdown and click on the name items to print too.


When finished within the item, Click Save. When you are finished making all of your changes, Click Publish. Your changes will now populate on all of your POS terminals.

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