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Sales Categories

Learn how to set Sales Categories for your Items/Categories in our Menu Admin tool.




Login to either the Merchant Portal via Restaurant Admin or on your POS by selecting Main Menu>Settings>Menu Admin.

From the Menu Admin tool choose the More drop down and select "Sales Categories."


Once inside Sales Categories, you can assign the appropriate category to all menu items listed in the category by placing a check mark in the box beside it.



You can also apply Sales Categories at the Menu Item level. To do this choose "Items" in the menu admin tool. 

Choose the menu item you want to edit and scroll towards the bottom of the menu item.

Using the drop down adjacent to "Sales Category" select the appropriate category.

Always remember to Click Save to save your changes. 

You must Click Publish to push your changes to all of your POS terminals. 

In the Merchant Portal, you can also click POS Preview to see what the changes would look like on your menu as needed. 

Remember to return though and Click Publish to actually make the changes. 


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