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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Understanding Categories and Sub-Categories



A Category is the top most level of our system’s organization. CAKE POS allows for one Parent Category and many Sub-Categories. Sub-Categories cannot have other Sub-Categories beneath them. They can only contain menu Items.

In the image to the right, on the Categories Tab within Menu Admin, you can see a list of Categories (Main Menu>Settings>Menu Admin>Categories). 

Arrows to the left indicate that there are Sub-Categories. Click on the Arrow to expand and view the Sub-Categories.


Once expanded, click on the Sub-Category to reveal the details. In the main window, you can edit any of those details and Click Save to save your changes. 

If there is another arrow, that means you can expand again to reveal the Items. 

Note: You can always create a new Category by selecting New Category and entering in the details. Click Save. When finished with all your changes, Click Publish to push the changes to your POS terminals.


Think of Menu Categories like Starters, Entrees, Desserts, Drinks, etc. Sub-Categories for Starters may be Appetizers, Soups, Salads and then menu Items for Soups may be Cup of Soup of the Day, Bowl of Soup of the Day, etc. 

Items get assigned to the Sub-Category or Category to make for easy ordering on the POS.

On the POS, the Categories are in green. In white, there are the Sub-Categories and/or menu Items. Bowl of Soup (at right) is a Sub-Category. Clam Chowder-bowl is a menu Item. The Items within the Bowl of Soup Sub-Category are displayed once selected and servers can choose which Item to add to the ticket.

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