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Access Point Deployment Guide

Access Point Deployment Guide

Here we present two examples of restaurant floor plans and possible CAKE Access Point locations for each plan. This represents a rough layout plan for how you should place your Access Points around your restaurant. For further guidance, please contact CAKE Support

Further Guidelines for CAKE Access Point Placement within Restaurants

The line-of-sight range for the CAKE Access Point is sixty (60) feet. If there are open spaces in the restaurant over sixty feet away from an access point, another should be installed for a reliable signal coverage. It is also a best practice to make sure you have one access point per room of the restaurant.

Many objects and materials around a restaurant can adversely affect the Wi-Fi signal strength of the access point.

  • Fountain Soda Machines: These machines are made out of metal and completely block the Wi-Fi signal. Do not place access point behind or around a fountain soda machine.
  • Stucco Walls: This type of wall blocks the Wi-Fi signal because of the mesh grate within. It is important to place Access Points on both sides of the wall for reliable coverage.
  • Glass: It is important to note that glass too can degrade the Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Brick: The high density of brick is known to have an adverse effect of Wi-Fi signals.

Restaurants that have multiple levels should follow the same guidelines and have Access Points covering each floor.


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