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OrderPad MSR Payments

OrderPad credit card payments can be done via MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) with IDTech's iMag Pro II, which is a lightning based device seen in the image below. To order this device from CAKE, contact CAKE Support

Payments must first be enabled via Device Manager on the CAKE POS with a user with sufficient permissions (Manager or Owner).


To enable this function, Click on Main Menu>Settings>Device Manager> OrderPads>Payments Enabled (per device)



Click on each OrderPad in turn from the list (when you have more than 1 OrderPad, each must be enabled individually). 



Toggle on the Payments Enabled button and Click Save. You may also rename your OrderPads by clicking in the white box and typing a new name before you Click Save

When you are returned to the OrderPad screen, you will see that under Payments Enabled it will now say Yes.

Repeat this process as needed. 


You also want to review your System Options to ensure proper payment flow on the OrderPad. Click on Main Menu>Settings>System Options

First, go to Payment > eReceipts. Enabling this will allow for a text message, email, print or no receipt option from the OrderPad. 

Second, go to Customer Display > Tips. This is to enable the tipping flow on the OrderPads.

Lastly, go to Customer Display> Sign By Finger. This is to enable electronic signatures without the need for a receipt.

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