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Back of House Cleaning Checklist

Back of House cleaning checklist.

The key to keeping a kitchen cleaning checklist is consistency. In order to keep your restaurant in top shape, you should consider creating a restaurant cleaning schedule that all of your employees can follow.

You must also routinely look at their work to make sure they're completing tasks correctly. Without your employees' cooperation and your diligent follow through, it's easy to miss important tasks that could cost you when a health inspector comes to your business.

Besides the restaurant cleaning checklist below, there are some routine tasks your staff should be taking care of throughout the day. These tasks include: always wiping down the grill between cooking red meat, poultry, and fish; wiping down prep areas between tasks; switching cutting boards in between tasks; changing sanitizing water and rags frequently; and emptying trash bins when they're full. Here are some other restaurant kitchen cleaning chores to add to your daily, weekly, and monthly checklists.


  • Change foil linings of grill, range, and flattop 
  • Disinfect prep surfaces 
  • Wipe down and clean your grill, range, flattop, and fryer. Don't forget to clean behind and underneath this equipment, too!
  • Wash can opener
  • Wash meat slicers
  • Wipe down walls wherever there are splashes
  • Mop floors
  • Wash beverage dispenser heads in soda fountains
  • Disinfect waste disposal area to prevent pests and the spread of bacteria
  • Run hood filters through the dishwasher



  • Wash and sanitize walk-ins
  • Clean ovens, including the walls, sides, and racks
  • Use drain cleaners in floor drains



  • Clean coffee machine
  • Empty grease traps
  • Clean ice machine (can be done every several months)
  • Clean refrigeration coils to remove dust
  • Wash walls and ceiling to remove grease buildup
  • Wash behind hot line to prevent clogs
  • Clean and sanitize freezers
  • Change pest traps
  • Wash vent hoods (can be done every several months)






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