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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Installing The CAKE Poindus CTD (Customer Touch Display)


You will need a Phillips head and flat head screwdriver to install or replace the Poindus CTD.

First, turn o the POS, and unplug the power cable. 

Note: The POS MUST be turned o before attempting to install the CTD or you could risk damaging your system. 

Remove the back plate from the POS and slide the display mounting arm into position on the back of the POS.


Using a Phillips head screwdriver, install the screws mounting the display to the POS. Make sure to line up the holes from the displays mounting arm, and the holes on the POS. 

Note: Be careful not to strip the screws. 

Connect the VGA cable from the display to the VGA connection on the POS. Be sure to tighten down the VGA connector securely with a flat head screwdriver so there is no play in the connector.


Plug in the display's USB cable into the specified USB port on the POS. (see right highlighted in GREEN).

Power on the POS and test the touch calibration of the main POS screen, and that the CTD is displaying the restaurant name.