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CAKE Ports Whitelisting For Firewall Configuration

Useful information for Operator's IT technicians in configuring their firewall.



Here is the list of ports that need to be enabled in any firewall or VLAN set up for our POS system to communicate with the cloud.

NOTE: We can share this information for the purpose of configuring a firewall to allow our POS network traffic to access the cloud. We are not responsible for troubleshooting specific Firewall configurations, or Virtual LAN configurations. VLAN's are strongly discouraged as it involves extensive work by an IT technicians and is not a supported network setup for the Cake POS.

Product Hardware URL Ports Service
* 80/443 HTTP 80/443 HTTP/SSL 8080 SSH/SFTP/VNC
Guest Manager iPad 80/443 HTTP/SSL 8090 TCP
CAKE POS / Guest Manager

Cradlepoint Router 8001 TCP 80 HTTP     

123 UDP
CAKE POS / Guest Manager ZyXEL Router 8443 TR069 9000 STUN
CAKE POS / Guest Manager / OrderPad Access Point 443 HTTPS 80 HTTP



You may also download the excel file to share with Operators and/or IT personnel. 

Ports Whitelist