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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

CAKE Router Upgrade Guide

Learn how to upgrade/change your CAKE router.


CAKE is upgrading the router at your restaurant to provide better support for the CAKE POS system.  This upgrade is required to maintain the integrity of your CAKE system, and should be completed as soon as possible. 

NOTE: If you are a part of this upgrade process, the CAKE Support team will have reached out to you to confirm this and you would have been directed here to use this guide as your replacement resource. 

Here's what your new router will look like: 

Prior to the upgrade/installation: 

  • Ensure you have access to the original CAKE router before proceeding.
  • No tools should be needed to replace the original CAKE router.
  • Replace the original CAKE router when the restaurant is not busy or is closed (this procedure will cause the CAKE system to go offline for several minutes).
  • The original CAKE router may be wall mounted and will need to be removed for installation of the new router.  The new router can be wall mounted with x2 screws spaced 6 ¾ inches apart.
  • CLOSE CASH on your POS prior to attempting the install.
  • Turn off ALL POS terminals (Do NOT unplug the terminals from any of their connections) using the power button to initiate a safe shut down.

Installation Process: 


Turn off your original CAKE router. Power switch is on the left on the back of the unit along with all the ports. 

Document the connections from that router to your POS, modem, etc. 

Take a picture of the connections on the router prior to disconnecting and label your cables (yellow, blue) appropriately to ensure they're connected to the new router properly. 


Remove each cable connection from the yellow ports on the original CAKE router (you will need to press down on the small tab on the top of the connector to disconnect the cable from the port), and connect each of them to any yellow port on the new CAKE router. 

Press firmly until you hear a click that signals the connection has been made.


Remove the cable connection from the blue port on the original CAKE router and connect that cable to the blue port on the new CAKE router. Press firmly until you hear a click that signals the connection has been made. 


Unplug the original CAKE router and set aside. 

Plug in the new CAKE router with the provided power supply (into your available outlet) and turn on by pressing the Power switch on the back of the router to the left of the yellow ports. 


Once the new CAKE router is turned on, check to make sure the Power, WAN and Internet indicators are on/blinking on the front of the router. This will indicate the router is online and can proceed to the next step. 


Turn on all POS terminals. Conduct a test print to each printer at your restaurant to make sure the system is functioning properly and that you can reach the merchant portal from the POS. 

For instructions on conducting a test print, refer to the printer configuration page, Step 1 found here

NOTE: When finished, please insert your old CAKE router into the new router's box and stow away safely. Do NOT connect your old router to your CAKE system at any time either by itself or along with your new router. 



Symptom: Resolution:
POS not online Make sure the connections to the router are securely connected and that the cables are connected properly (refer to the steps above). Restart the POS. 
Router not turning on Make sure the power supply is connected securely from a working power outlet and that the power switch on the router is set to "on."
Router not online Turn off the router and then turn off your internet modem. Wait 30 seconds. Turn on your modem and then turn on the CAKE router. 
Printers do not print Restart the printers and test again.

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please contact CAKE Support