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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

POS Storage Process (End Of Life Poindus)

Step by step regarding the POS storage process.

This guide provides an overview of the storage process for all Poindus POS machines which are now deemed as EOL or End Of Life:

Dismantlement of Poindus (HD, MSR)

  • Using the power drill, unscrew the MSR from the POS

  • Using the power drill, unscrew the Hard Drive from the POS


MSR and HD Storage

  • There are boxes marked specifically for Poindus attachments. Please see the screenshots below and place the hardware in the appropriate box



Updating CAKE_ Orders & Inbound Shipments (New G-docs) 

  • Scan the serial number found on the back of the POS
  • Update the list with the number of the shipping box as shown below

Create Shipment Box

  • Number the Box according to the last box shipped. Each box number should start with: TOEOL...

  • Place bubble wrap in the box and pack four registers inside

  • Make sure the box can close with no bulge at the top. Securely tape the top of the box

Storage Of Completed Boxes

  • Place box near Tech Ops room next to the other boxes ready for shipping.
  • Stack with like kind as there may be Refurbished or RMA POS nearby 


*Important To Remember*

  • Imperative that all Poindus POS boxed for shipping have been entered into the Google Spreadsheet for tracking.
  •  Ensure all Poindus POS have no remaining MSR and HDD attached
  • Must have four to a box with adequate shipping wrap. Top of box must be flat to prevent stacking issues.
  • If the POS has not been processed, please process the returned hardware according to the Replacement Hardware RWC Process. Please review the link below for instructions: