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Learn about Categories and Sub-Categories.



Category is the topmost level of our system’s organization. CAKE POS allows for one Parent Category and many Sub-Categories. Sub-Categories cannot have other Sub-Categories beneath them. They can only contain menu Items.

On the Categories Tab within Menu Admin, you can see your list of Categories.

Arrows below categories indicate that there are Sub-Categories. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.27.47 AM.png


In the window, type the name of your Category and provide a description for online ordering. 

Making this a category group allows you to nest categories underneath this category group. For example, adding Pasta under a category of Entrees.

Set your Tax and To Go Tax rates.  

Changing Tax for a menu category will change the Tax for each item in the Category.

Changing To Go Tax for a menu category will change the To Go Tax for each item in the Category.

Turn Delete Approval on to require approval for deleting items from orders in the POS. Set a grace period to allow deletions for X minutes before approval is required.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.33.27 AM.png


Select the Menu or Menus that this Category will appear in on the POS and Online Ordering.

Assign Menu Items to the Category.

Click Save.



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