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Timesheets (v6.24)

Learn how to manage Timesheets in Version 6.24.

1. Timesheets

Click on the Timesheets tab in the navigation bar to view or edit timecards.

There are two ways to view timesheets. By Employee and By Date.

Please Note: An employee MUST clock in before they are allowed to use the POS.



Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 3.05.00 PM.png

2. Editing Timesheets

By Employee - Under this section, you will be able to view the timesheet of a specific employee.

You will find the columns: Date, Assignment, Time In, Time Out, Paid-Hours, Declared Tips, and Card Tips.

Click Edit to modify a users timesheet.

From here you will be able to change the Assignment, Time In, Time Out, and Declared Tips.

Add Break - This will allow you to add a break without having to make multiple edits to the Time In and Time Out stamps.

Editing a timestamp, you will see AM, PM, and Next Day next to the time. The MAX a person can work is 23.59hrs unless their timesheet is edited for Next Day clock out.

Disabling a time period deletes it from the timesheet reports. This is used for when an employee has multiple mistakes on a timesheet. Ex-Server A clocked in and out multiple times in one shift.


3. Searching by Date

By Date – Under this section, you will be able to view the timesheet of a specific date.

Once a date has been chosen then a list will populate all the staff that worked that day.

Here you will find their name, assignment they were clocked in as, time in, time out, paid hours, declared tips, credit card tips.

Please Note: On this screen, you will see Paid Hours is shown in Hour increments while your reports will show Paid Hours in 100th increments.

Ex. Paid Hours = 7:45hrs Report = 7.75hrs.



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