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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

Virtual Training

This training is done on your POS: Enroll in a virtual training session or follow-up Q&A with one of our expert Training Specialists.

Complimentary Initial Virtual Training

This is our initial setup training for restaurants new to CAKE Point of Sale. Our expert Training Specialists will give you all of the information you’ll need to successfully operate and maintain your POS System and its menu. We’ve found that a train-the-trainer format is most effective, so it’s recommended that only personnel responsible for staff training be present at the time of your 90-minute appointment.


Please take (at minimum) the following steps prior to your scheduled training appointment:

  1. Install your CAKE Point of Sale Hardware (including connecting and configuring any printers). Refer to our helpful Installation Guide or Installation Video.
  2. Onboard (Activate) all of your CAKE Point of Sale terminals by following the instructions outlined in your communication from CAKE and our helpful Onboarding Guide and POS Onboarding video. 
  3. Once you've onboarded your device/s, leave them turned on and connected to the internet. This ensures the behind the scenes tasks that need to take place get the chance to set themselves up. (If you are unable to leave your POS connected for any reason, please remember to turn it on and ensure it is connected at least 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.) This allows your Training Specialist to remote into your POS and walk you through setup and use. 

If the above steps are not completed, it is possible your session will have to be rescheduled. 


Virtual Training Follow-Up Session

If you have already taken your initial Virtual Training, but you believe you require a follow up Q&A session, enroll here. All new CAKE POS customers should first take their Complimentary Initial Virtual Training (see above) as it covers the setup and use of your POS system. After you've completed that, if you have specific questions about a topic that CAKE U resources have not yet answered for you, enroll in a 45-minute Q&A with one of our trainers. 

Please Note: You should follow the same 3 steps as outlined above to ensure the Training Specialist can remote into your system and assist in answering your questions. 


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