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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

System Options Success Path Conclusion

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You have completed our System Options Success Path. You should now have your CAKE POS System Options configured to suit your needs.

This includes:

  • Order Entry
  • Table Service
  • Sending
  • Payment
  • Offline Payment
  • Permissions
  • Receipts
  • Sign In
  • Close Cash
  • Clock In/Out
  • Payroll 
  • Online Ordering
  • CTD (Customer Touch Display)
  • Discounts & Comps
  • 3rd Party Payments
  • Service Charge
  • Tip Sharing
  • Zones

Remember, the great thing about our System Options is that you can return to these options at any time and simply toggle them on/off as needed. After clicking Save Changes, your configuration will be pushed out to all POS terminals. 

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