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6.4.0 Floor Map Editor Update

Guest Manager's New Floor Map Editor

If you are a NEW Guest Manager customer as of (1/30/2017), you have access to the in application Floor Map Editor.  Existing GM customers prior to 1/30/2017 will continue to use the Control Center to manage your floor maps. See here for instructions



Select the Floor Map Editor button under the Account drop down menu.




Select one of three different restaurant sizes.

Note: If you have submitted your floor map to be entered by CAKE, you will not see the Select your restaurant size option.



Tables of different sizes can be dragged onto the floor map. 

Swipe left or right for additional table shapes and sizes.


New rooms can be added by selecting the + sign button.

Room names are editable by selecting the pencil button.

Rooms can be deleted.

Scroll sideways to navigate between rooms.

Note: If you delete all rooms the system will ask to start over or cancel.  


Single tap to rename tables.

Double tap to select multiple tables.

Navigating "Back" will reset the restaurant size and lose all saved data.


You can assign server sections by selecting a color then tagging tables.

Names are fixed and can be edited later in the app; Floor Tab >Admin> Assign new names to section colors.


New Shift charts can be created that assign tables for different service times. (i.e. divided into more sections for a busy lunch)


To save the floor map, select 'Finish'.

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