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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS


1. Place in Line

The Place in Line feature is the latest offering from the CAKE Guest Manager Team. A link will be sent to customers to a mobile web page that will allow them to see their place in line for your restaurant. 



2.  New Features

  • Countdown timer of quoted wait time (this is strictly a manual timer)
  • 'Parties Ahead' which updates as each party is seated and changes to 'You're Next'
  • Link to Phone the Restaurant which activates the local phone app
  • View the menu, which links to a configured external URL
  • Cancel your place on the waitlist, which includes a confirmation screen


     image2017-7-21 12-52-49.png image2017-7-21 12-53-33.png

image2017-7-21 12-54-1.png

3.  Restaurant Logo

You can upload your restaurant logo on to the web page. If no Restaurant Logo has been uploaded, the default image is a map snapshot of the restaurant location. 


image2017-7-21 12-54-34.png

4. Configuring the web application.

A new feature has been added to the onboarding wizard to allow the restaurant to configure their menu URL  (website) and upload a logo to be shown on the Place in Line mobile page.

  • A logo can only be uploaded from an iPad via BROWSER, if you are accessing this page in the iOS app,  a link will be available that will take you to the same wizard page in a browser where you can upload your logo


  • If no menu URL is configured, the 'view menu' button will not show on the mobile page



5. Customer Access

Restaurants using the Place in Line feature will send this link to their customers using their welcome message.  The welcome message has a space that is reserved for the Place in Line wording and URL.

image2017-7-21 13-15-36.png

6. Disabling Place in Line


If you do not want to use the "Place in Line" feature. Please contact CAKE Support at (855)-696-2253.



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