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5/9/2018 CAKE Outage Update

Issues Related to Cloud Outage with CAKE POS


At approximately 11:00am CST on 5/9/18, CAKE cloud systems experienced an unexpected outage. At this time, we do not have definitive answers as to what or how it happened. Our immediate focus is getting these systems back up and working at the level they were prior to the incident. The outage affected these systems and functions:


  • Merchant Portal
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Closing Cash
  • CAKE Phones Support


As of 12:00pm CST on 5/10/18, we were able to restore most of these functions:


  • Merchant (Admin) Portal is up and running
  • Credit card processing is up
  • Close Cash is available
  • CAKE Payments Delay
  • CAKE Phone support is available


Merchant (Admin) Portal is up and running

POS customer can now access the Merchant (Admin) portal. You can run reports, access User Management, access invoices, etc. To access, click here.


Credit card processing is up

Beginning at 11:00am CST on 5/9/18, customers were unable to process credit cards through their POS system. This was because the POS system could not access the payments gateway to process credit card transactions in real time. The backup plan in this scenario is to Force Offline Payments (an option in System Options).


In the event the POS system is unable to access the payments gateway, there is a setting to allow for credit card payments. The setting is called Force Offline Payments which must be manually set. To do this, a Restaurant Administrator would need to go to:


Main Menu -> Settings -> System Options -> Offline Payments -> Toggle on Force Offline Payments


  • There have been instances where POS customers have been unable to Force Offline Payments. Disconnecting the POS from the network has been able to solve most of these occurrences.


Once connectivity to the payments gateway has been restored, Force Offline Payments needs to be manually turned off. Again, a Restaurant Administrator would need to go to:


Main Menu -> Settings -> System Options -> Offline Payments -> Toggle off Force Offline Payments


If you had to disconnect any of your POS systems from the network/Internet to Force Offline Payments, you’ll need to re-connect them. Once Force Offline Payments has been turned off, the POS system will connect to the payments gateway and upload all credit card transactions taken during the offline period. This is called Recovery mode. The amount of time in Recovery mode will vary due to:


  • Number of credit card transactions taken during offline period
  • Internet connection speed
  • Internal network of the restaurant


Once all credit card transactions have been pushed to the payments gateway, the POS status will update to Online. To check whether your POS is in Recovery or Online mode, go to:


Main Menu -> Settings -> System Options -> Offline Payments -> Status (Recovery or Online)


Once the system is back to Online status, the POS can close cash. You may experience some slowness in processing credit cards. This is known behavior and we are working to improve this.


Close Cash is available

Once you have completed the steps above to get your POS system back to Online mode, you can close cash. There have been reports from customers indicating they are unable to close cash. For most of these customers, reviewing the steps to turn off Force Offline Payments and the subsequent Recover/Online status update has resolved the issue.


If you are still unable to close cash, you can print a close cash receipt as a point of reference until you are able to close cash later. Please contact our Support team for assistance if you are still unable to close cash.


CAKE Payments Delay

Due to the issues encountered with the payments gateway, those POS customers who are on CAKE Payments may see a 1 day delay in their credit card deposits. For most, if you were expecting credit card deposits to come on Thursday, 5/10/18, it will be delayed until Friday, 5/11/18. We are actively working on this issue to ensure it does not affect future deposits.


CAKE Phone support is available

We have moved over our phone system to an alternative option, and are using the same phone number, 855-696-CAKE (2253). While not a perfect solution, it has allowed CAKE Support to handle more calls than before, and we have enlisted the help from other departments to assist with the volume. If you are still unable to get through on the phones, the most likely reason is because all the Support reps are already on calls.


If you are unable to reach someone on the phone, hang up and call back in a few minutes. Otherwise you can reach us via email at This alias is actively monitored and you should get a response in a relatively timely manner.


Thanks for your patience and understanding during this very challenging time. We will continue to provide updates and information once it becomes available to us.


The CAKE Team

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