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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS information. is currently is available We've included some information below on some of our software updates. First, let's talk about some benefits to


  • On average, 30-50% faster, with speed improvement especially in key tasks like log in and start new order.
  • More responsive touch technology 
  • Bug fixes
  • New Feature: Backup Prep Ticket Printing


Backup Prep Ticket Printing

Previously, when prep printers were offline, prep prints would fail and block the point of sale until the issue was resolved. 

With this update, when prep printers are offline, any prep tickets sent to them will now print to the receipt printer of the sending POS after several seconds, keeping the POS unblocked. 

When a prep ticket is printed to the backup printer, this is an indication that the intended prep printer did not receive the prep ticket, so ensure this backup print is delivered to the intended recipient by hand. 

Afterward, verify that the prep printer is powered on and connected to the network. Call Support to resolve any issues if necessary.  When prep printers are out of paper (but not offline), prep tickets will print to them as expected after a new paper roll is added. 

As an added benefit, this update also makes sending items and printing receipts much faster and more responsive!


Kitchen Prep Ticket Grouping

Identical items sent to the kitchen at the same time will always be grouped, even if there is a different item in between.

Items with different modifiers will not be grouped though. So, if you have the organic meal sampler with apples in one order and with cheese in another, they will not group together on the kitchen prep ticket.

See images at right which illustrate. 


MultiPOS / OrderPad - Order Locking 

Orders opened on one POS or OrderPad must be exited on that device before they can be opened on another device.  If not, you will receive an error on the other device until the original device closes the order.  

Note: When using CAKE OrderPad, if someone hits the home button on the iPad while in the order instead of signing out of the order, the order is still open and must be exited or your users will receive the error on the other device asking if you’d like to open the order anyway, which will force the original device out of the order.. Simply open the OrderPad and sign out of the order or take needed steps to send items to the kitchen or take payment to close the order out. 


System Option Access

Is restricted to single POS when there is more than one POS at the location. 

This applies to:

  • Timesheet edits
  • System Options
  • Sign-in card assignments

This is done in order to prevent two people making changes to the POS System Options at that same time. 


"Never Apply" Scenarios

Tax toggle is disabled in scenarios where tax can never apply

  • Disabled for the following 3 scenarios, when no tax could ever be applied anyway:  
  1. If the line item is fully discounted
  2. If the order is fully discounted
  3. If the applicable item tax is exempt AND default tax is also exempt


Discount button is disabled in scenarios where discount can never apply

  • Disabled when order is zero or negative


Service Charge toggle is disabled when no service charge can never apply

  • Disabled when "Apply Service Charge before Discount" is OFF and an Order has been discounted to zero

Employee Names

Will now be displayed more consistently in the POS and in reports. See right for examples. 

The short form of the name will be used in the following screens:

  • Sign-In screen
  • Order queue > Server column
  • Filter by Server overlay
  • Server field in the itemized receipt 
  • Server field in the kitchen receipt
  • Name displayed on the top pane of the POS
  • Name displayed on the table in the Table View
  • Server name on the receipt preview on the Order Screen
  • Server name on the order setting overlay
  • Name list on Order Setting Overlay 
  • Close cash receipt
  • Register Actions > Assign Users overlay
  • Tips > Server column
  • Gift Cards > Card Activity > Server column
  • Gift Cards > Print Balance > Receipt
  • Profile > Name label


The full form should be displayed in:

  • Timesheet screen
  • Employee closing receipt

No Retroactive Calculations for Pay Changes

When you change the pay rate for a user in the POS, the new rate will be applied from the user's next clock in and will not be applied retroactively for the entire reporting period.


Order Saving

Order saving only happens on events such as sending, printing, or exiting the order and not as each order item is entered in. Make sure to exit, send, or print order after entry to save the order making it possible to re-enter the order later to take the next step (i.e. You sent the items to the kitchen, which saved the order. Now, you need to process the payment.) 


Swipe Behavior

2+ qty Items that are sent and then deleted with the POS swipe functionality are now treated as voids after the items have been sent to the kitchen.

If added again, then item is white in the order preview, because it is not yet sent to the kitchen.