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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS


Find out what's new in our 6.22 release.

    Below, you'll find information on our newest software release.

Multiple Gift Card Purchases in a single transaction – You can now purchase up to 20 gift cards at a time with a single transaction.  

    Security Enhancements:  CAKE is introducing some small but significant security enhancements to POS.  

Menu items left unsent at the time of receipt printing will now be sent to kitchen upon printing the receipt. 

Although this is an important security enhancement, some merchants who do not use the “send” function may experience prep tickets printing when they previously did not. 

This can be easily rectified by adjusting the item prep printing settings in Menu Admin. 


See CAKE U page here  On the video, scroll forward to minute 1:23 for instructions.

Contact CAKE Support for more assistance adjusting your menu settings. 

Item price edits can no longer be made after sending items. If you formerly used this method for discounting items on the fly, CAKE recommends using item discounts or order discounts.  

Find out more information on discounts on this CAKE U page

Authorized users can still edit item prices on the fly before sending. 

Modifiers can no longer be changed after sending items.  In cases where a modifier needs to be removed after sending to kitchen, CAKE recommends using an item discount, or voiding the item and re-entering it without the modifier.  Modifiers can always be changed or removed before sending. 


Void: Simply click on the item after having sent it to the kitchen and click Void. (Verify you System Options>Permissions to ensure you have the desired authorized users for voids.)

Item Discount: Click on the item and select the discount amount desired. i.e. for the $1.00 bacon added to the burger by mistake, you can discount the burger by $1.00 at the item level, select your reason and click Apply. (Verify you System Options>Permissions to ensure you have the desired authorized users for discounts.)

When in POS Training Mode, receipts and prep tickets will indicate more explicitly that they were printed from training mode. 

Check out more info on training mode here

Prep tickets will now have a date stamp in addition to showing the time of day they were printed.