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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS


6.24 software release includes multiple job assignments per employee, manage permissions for each user individually, manage timesheet remotely, prevent employees from clocking out with open orders, improved clock-in reporting


Multiple Job Assignments per Employee:


  • Add as many Job Assignments as you like, and decide which employees can use each one
  • Each Job Assignment has its own default pay rate, which you can modify for individual employees which you pay differently
  • Easily identify from the sign-in screen who is clocked in, to see at a glance who is still on the clock that shouldn’t be. 
  • “Job Codes” allow grouping multiple Job Assignments under labor categories for reporting, for things like “Front of House” labor vs. “Back of House” vs. “Management”



Much more advanced User Management, available from POS or the web:


Manage permissions for each user individually from anywhere:
  • Manage users from anywhere via the merchant portal or POS
  • Assign specific permissions to each user, rather than being limited by stock roles like “Manager” or “Owner”
  • Decide which users have access to each Job Assignment for clocking in
  • Modify pay rates for each user when they get raises
  • Reset POS passwords from the web, and invite management users to by sending them an invite email



Manage timesheets from anywhere:
  • Manage timesheets from anywhere via the merchant portal or POS
  • Audit declared tips by viewing side-by-side with credit card tips
  • Modify declared tips for each shift
  • Modify break times seamlessly
  • If employees forget to clock out, you can clock them out remotely
  • Modify Job Assignment for each shift, if employee clocked in as the wrong one
  • Disable clock-in records entirely, if the employee accidentally clocked in
  • See all timesheet records for a single employee, or all records for a single date for auditing


Notifications to warn employees when clocking out with Open Orders and, accessing orders for BOH staff:

Notifications to warn employees clocking out when they have open orders

  • Now, users must clock in to use the POS and manage orders.  
    • If your restaurant does not use POS for timesheet management, you can simply discard this clock-in information. 
  • Users are now warned in two separate places of any open orders prior to clocking out. 
  • New, limited access permission for non-serving staff like back of house, which only allows access to clock in/clock out, without orders access


Great improvements to the “Employee Clock In-Out” report and Excel Export:
  • Everything has its own column, for easier sortability
  • Each clock in record on its own line, with overtime in a separate column from regular time
  • New “Declared Tips” column for ensuring employees are being paid at least minimum wage (for states that allow tip credits)
  • Subtotals by employee for each Job Assignment, and a Grand Total for each
  • Please note that if you have Excel macros set up, they will need to be edited for the new format


Starting in late September, all of this will be available from the merchant portal at , and from the POS when you click “User Management” or “Timesheets”. 


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