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Find out what's new in our 6.25 release.

New Features in CAKE 6.25


Today we are excited to launch custom close cash, server check-out receipts, and dual color printer support for your CAKE Point of Sale. 


Custom close cash and employee closing receipts

You can now customize the close case receipt that prints when performing a nightly close cash, with the option to disable it entirely if you choose. Select what you want to be included in your closing receipt based on what matters to you most. To customize the closing receipt go to Main Menu -> Settings -> System Options -> Close Cash.


Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 1.23.51 PM.png


To prevent the employee closing receipt from printing, go to Main Menu -> Settings -> System Options -> Clock In/Out.



Dual color printing now supported

Prep tickets will now print modifiers and instructions in red for easier readability. This works with our provided Epson U220B impact printer when loaded with a dual color ink ribbon.