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Epson Thermal Printer Configuration


Learn how to configure your Epson Thermal printer.

To begin, you will need to print a status sheet on your Epson thermal printer. There are 2 ways to do this. 


Using the Status Sheet Button:

Make sure the printer is on and the roll paper cover is shut. 

Remove the bottom cover if necessary.

Press and hold the status sheet button for at least 3 seconds. The printer prints its status.

Using the Feed Button:

Make sure the printer is on and the roll paper cover is open. 

Press and hold the Feed button for at least 3 seconds. Close the roll paper cover. The printer prints its status.





See image at right (IP Address is 2nd line within TCP/IP Status section). This is needed to configure your printer with your CAKE POS. 


On the POS, login and click on Main Menu > Settings > Device Manager>Printers>Register 1 (then others in order). Receipt Printer is the default and will always be there. You can always change the name as needed, but do not change anything else unless advised by our support team.

From this screen, you can verify the printer is connected properly because the name will be in green and the plug will appear in green. You can conduct a test print by clicking Test Print. The receipt will print. If you have multiple terminals (registers), click on the Register ID (left toolbar) to toggle between and verify all printers for each register are connected or to add a printer to a specific terminal/register.


To add a printer, click Add printer. Name the printer (i.e. Bar) and enter the IP address located on your Self Test receipt. Select the number of copies for that printer to print (1, 2, or 3). You can even mirror the receipt on other printers. Click Save once complete and the new printer will appear on the printer screen. If a printer is not connected properly, it will appear in red and will have an X through the plug icon.

Note: You can find information on ordering more paper for your thermal printer here